• OttoBock Genuim Knee Microprocessor K4

    An advanced microprocessor knee allowing wide ranging mobility across varying surfaces, obstacles, stairs with enhanced safety and relaxed standing.

  • OttoBock 3R80 Knee Hydraulic K4

    Hydraulic knee for active users that can include walking, stairs and inclines. Also water resistant to 3m and features for safety in wet areas.

  • OPC BioDaptinc Moto Knee Sports K4

    The Moto Knee2 excels in activities where the user needs to simulate quadricep activation to stabilise stance, absorb impacts and requires assisted knee extension.

  • OPC Proteor EasyRide Knee Sports K4

    The EasyRide knee, created in collaboration with adaptive athletes from around the world. Optimal performance capabilities in sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, cycling and skiing

  • Ossur Cheetah Knee Hydraulic K4

    Lightweight robust knee for sports : jogging, running and sprinting. For moderate to extreme impact activities.

  • OttoBock 3S80 KneeSports K4

    A knee specifically optimised for all kinds of running sports.

  • OttoBock Pro Carve KneeSports K4

    The ProCarve is a combination of sport prosthesis components for skiing and snowboarding or other sports with similar motions such as waterskiing or wakeboarding.