Glossary of Terms:

You may find that your doctors, nurses and the medical team will use words which are unfamiliar to you. Here is a list of commonly used terms and if you don’t understand something make sure that you ask.

AE: above elbow amputation

AFO: ankle foot orthosis

AKA: above knee amputation

Abduction: away from the body

Adduction: close to the body

Alignment: position of socket in relation to foot and knee

Amputation: loss of part or all of a limb

BE: below elbow amputation

Bilateral: double amputee

BKA: below knee amputation

Check Socket: a test socket which can be adapted for comfort and fit

Compression stocking: an elastic garment to assist with swelling and blood flow

Cosmesis: aesthetic covering of a prosthesis

Donning: putting on the prosthesis

Doffing: taking off the prosthesis.

Dorsiflexion: pointing foot upward toward the body

Eversion: to turn outward

Extension: straightening of the joint

Flexion: bending of the joint

Gait: manner of walking or moving

Lateral: outside of the leg

Liner: the component which is worn inside the socket

Medial: inside of the leg

Neuroma: end of the nerve left after amputation

Oedema swelling: of the stump or residual limb

Plantar flexion: toe is pointing down

Prosthesis: the artificial component of arm or leg

Residual Limb: the part of the limb which is remaining after an amputation

Rigid dressing: the hard cast which is applied to the residual limb for shrinkage, and to aid in swelling and prior to a prosthetic fitting

Shrinker: a compression sock to reduce swelling

Transfemoral: above the knee

Transhumeral: above the elbow

Transradial: below the elbow

Transtibial: below the knee