What is Peer Support?

Speaking to another amputee can make a real difference to your recovery and ease your concerns.

Speaking with an amputee peer can play an important part in your preparation, recovery and rehabilitation from limb loss. In fact, speaking to someone who personally understands what it means to lose a limb can often be a great relief, provide you with the opportunity to share concerns and ask questions that only someone who has been through limb loss can answer.

The early stages of your recovery may be a time of uncertainty and doubt. Many amputees feel more comfortable discussing personal issues with someone who understands what they are going through, someone who has hard earned experience and can appreciate just how you feel.

Limbs 4 Life's Peer Support Program matches trained Volunteers with new amputees requesting support.

The Limbs 4 Life Peer Support Program enables amputees to connect with trained volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to assist others during their transition to recovery.

Peer support can:

  • Reduce the distress associated with amputation
  • Help alleviate fears
  • Promote social inclusion

Many amputees have told us that receiving a visit from a Peer Support Volunteer was a rewarding experience; and one that gave them the chance to speak openly about how they were feeling, address some of the issues and concerns that they had, and alleviate some of the distress they were feeling.

Request a visit today, or speak to one of our trained Peer Support Volunteers.