Victorian Amputee Empowerment Project

The Victorian Amputee Empowerment project is working to reconnect people with limb loss to their local community. This project is an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program.
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Project objectives

This information, linkages and capacity building initiative is:

  • establishing metropolitan and regional locally based Peer Support Empowerment Groups;
  • training more amputees as Peer Support Volunteers;
  • upskilling and training amputees to become ‘group leaders;’
  • developing and delivering workshops and webinars for Empowerment Groups;
  • empowering amputees to build confidence, self-advocate and reconnect with their community;
  • creating new resources specifically for the Victorian amputee community; and,
  • providing a safe space for amputees to share and learn from others with lived experience.

We are engaging people with limb loss in the development of activities and materials using a co-design approach; making sure that our community has the opportunity to share knowledge and insight throughout project delivery.

I’ve attended two information sessions so far, and I have noticed a difference in myself. I was inspired and motivated by the other amputees I met – I’m now up on my own leg and moving again.

Project roll-out

The Limb Loss Empowerment Project serves to increase knowledge and upskill amputees with information relating to their overall care; learn about local community supports, develop a greater understanding of prosthetic devices and the ability to self-advocate, deal with grief and loss, and gain valuable insights about the importance of skin care and hygiene.

Resources and Information Sessions

To support this initiative Limbs 4 Life have created a range of information sheets and have run multiple information sessions throughout the state, including regional communities in Gippsland, Wodonga, Wallan, Shepparton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, and the North, East, South and West locations of Metropolitan Melbourne.

These sessions bring together amputees at all stages of their limb loss journey to the Limbs 4 Life network, and in turn, assist them to create linkages with fellow members of their community.

Amputee Support Groups

Limbs 4 Life is supporting local community members to establish amputee support groups. These groups provide and safe and comfortable environment for amputees and their family members to connect with one another, share information, address concerns and facilitate discussion. All support groups will have dedicated Group Leaders. Group leaders will be upskilled through training, mentoring, and professional development opportunities to assist them in their role.

Workshops and webinars have been developed for the groups and aim to deliver current, relevant and valuable amputee specific content and information. This content is designed to increase confidence, improve self-advocacy skills, and provide ideas for increased community participation and engagement for amputees and their carers/families.

While the delivery of information is one key objective of the project, another key objective is to create a safe and supportive environment where amputees from all walks of life feel comfortable, and confident to share and learn from others with similar lived experience.

Amputee Support Group Locations:

  • Gippsland region
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Shepparton
  • Echuca
  • Geelong
  • Wodonga/Albury and Wangaratta
  • Metro north
  • Metro south
  • Metro east
“I was excited to hear that support groups have been set up. This project will ensure that amputees will have somewhere to connect with each other in the community, away from the hospital and rehab environment, which I have no real desire to return to”

If you live in or near to one of the locations outlined above and would like to attend a support group please email

Download the flyer by clicking here.

Information Sheets

As part of the Amputee Empowerment Project, Limbs 4 Life have created some information sheets to help to support the community. You can download the information sheets below or contact us and we will send you hard copies via mail.

Self Advocacy

Employment and Careers

Grief and loss

Your mental health

Phantom pain

Caring for your skin

Better questions for self advocacy

Grief and loss tip sheet


As part of the Amputee Empowerment Project we are conducting research with ethics approval from Monash University.

We are seeking your feedback. If you are a person with limb loss living in Victoria, we want to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us. An Explanatory Statement about the research can be found here.

For more information about this project please contact us today.

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Metro east support group
This initiative is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.