• Ossur POWERKNEE Microprocessor Knee K3

    The latest knee from Ossur and worlds first motor powered microprocessor knee. Active assistance powers flexion and extension, advanced sensors detect the users movement and inform the microprocessor via advanced and customisable algorithms.

  • OPC Plié3 Knee K3

    Advanced Microprocessor knee, waterproof for low, medium and high function K3 amputees. Colour options available for the cover.

  • Ossur Knee RHEO XC Microprocessor K3

    The RHEO Knee XC is a microprocessor controlled knee designed to support amputees from early rehabilitation to full recovery with effortless, intuitive and stable functionality.

  • OttoBock 3E80 Knee MicroProcessor K3

    Provides high safety and stability for walking, slowly or quickly as well as more active challenges like stairs and ramps.

  • OttoBock 3R60 Knee Pneumatic K3

    Suitable for moderate activity users, including uneven surfaces and inclines. Adapts to users activity to provide comfort and safety.

  • OttoBock 3 R78 Knee Pneumatic K3

    A lightweight knee resistant to dust and environmental influences. A polycentric design offering pneumatic swing control for moderate activity users.

  • OttoBock 3R92 Knee Pneumatic K3

    A pneumatic knee featuring an integrated friction brake like the 3R90 , but for moderate to higher activity users.

  • OttoBock C Leg4 Knee MicroProcessor K3

    The C-Leg 4 is an advanced microprocessor controlled knee that adjusts dynamically to everyday situations, such as stairs , ramps and varying surfaces.

  • OPC Blatchford Orion3 MicroProcessor K3

    A microprocessor knee suitable for K2-K4 walkers who can benefit from stability on different terrains, slopes and steps at varying speeds.

  • OPC CollegePark Capital Knee Hydraulic K3

    A hydraulic single axis knee that is easy to use for amputees and clinicians. Smooth and responsive hydraulics through phases of movement.

  • OPC Nabtesco Allux 2 Microprocessor K3

    Unique design with combined 4 bar linkage and total microprocessor control. Advanced control and features.

  • OPC Nabtesco Symphony Knee Hydraulic K3

    Unique 6-Bar polycentric/hydraulic knee that provides an extremely high level of stability during stance phase.

  • OPC Proteor HyTrek Hydraulic K3

    A single axis knee with hydraulic regulation of stance phase and swing phase, equipped with a manual lock. This strong high-end knee is perfect for dynamic transfemoral amputees

  • OPC Freedom Quattro Microprocessor K3

    Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee by Proteor is designed to give users the freedom to live their lives without interruption.

  • Ossur Mauch Knee Hydraulic K3

    A single axis hydraulic knee joint designed for highly active users and able to withstand unpredictable conditions. Hydraulic system.

  • Ossur Paso Knee Pneumatic K3

    A comfortable and stable mechanical knee, able to automatically adapt to walking at any speed. Lightweight , durable , for use in low to high impact activities.

  • Ossur Total Knee 2000 Hydraulic K3

    Suitable for users who spend the majority of their time and activity walking on level and uneven ground at different paces (slow to fast) and require a moderate level of stability

  • QLD Pros VGK Go Knee Fluidic K3

    Fluidic technology does not require an energy source (battery). Suitable for all common everyday activities (walking speeds, walking downslope/stairs, negotiating common obstacles), riding a bicycle.

  • QLD Pros VKG S fluidic knee K3

    Uses VGK Knee fluidic control in a design especially for short transferral amputations.

  • QLDPros VGK X Fluidic lightweight K3

    Fluidic technology providing adaptive behaviour to speed, surface inclination, additional weight carrying. For all common everyday activities. For lower weight adults.