Adjusting to Limb Loss

Adjusting to Limb Loss

Everyone reacts differently to the loss of a limb/s. Limb loss can leave you feeling anxious, vulnerable and uncertain about the future. Your body has experienced a significant change. It is important to remember that your ability to adapt to these changes will become easier over time.

Some common challenges that you may experience include:

  • difficulty completing everyday tasks
  • a change in your level of independence
  • a difference in your mobility and functionality
  • concerns about your body image and sexuality
  • general changes to your everyday lifestyle.

It is completely normal to feel strong emotions. Some people grieve for their loss. You may be feeling scared, angry, frustrated and even sad. Working through your feelings may take time, and you may need support from a health professional along the way.

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Early stages of recovery
Remember, you don’t have to go through this experience alone. Support is available. Make sure you ask for assistance if you need it, whether it’s at the beginning of your journey, several months later, or years down the track.