Prosthetics Directory

Upper Limb

Upper limb prostheses vary in their functionality, cosmetic design and means of operation. The choice of an upper limb prosthesis will depend on many considerations including the site of the amputation and needs of the amputee. This will take into account what the amputee wishes to achieve with a prosthesis and any special needs or activities. This can include special purpose designs for sport as an example. This directory provides some insight into the types of upper limb prostheses available. As with other types of prosthetics, the technology is always developing and improving. Google search any device for full manufacturer information.

Lower Limb Feet and Knees

Your options for lower limb prosthetics will in part be determined by your activity level, and general needs. K levels are used worldwide to describe a person’s capacity for activities using a lower limb prosthesis. This guides the type of prosthetic equipment that will best suit their lifestyle and ability. Prosthetic clinicians have a range of tests and measures to determine your K level both before and after receiving a lower limb prosthesis. Some prostheses will cross over K levels. You should discuss your particular needs with your prosthetic provider. Google search any device for full manufacturer information.