Ramping Up 4 Work

Ramping Up 4 Work

Are you an amputee seeking employment?

Are you an amputee wanting to return to work?

Are you an amputee wanting to change jobs?

Ramping Up 4 Work aims to encourage, empower and motivate people experiencing limb loss to gain and/or maintain employment, through the provision of information, advice and one-on-one peer mentoring. This is delivered through face-to-face and telephone support provided by Peer Mentors.

The aim of the project is to link amputees who have never worked, who want to return to work, or who need to change their work, with the support of an amputee trained as a Job Motivating Mentor (JMM).

The JMM’s will guide you through what you need to know about employment today’s job market. Our JMM’s are all amputees who volunteer their services to mentor, support and guide you - the job-seeker.

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What will the project do?

Ramping Up 4 Work provides four streams of employment assistance.

  1. Realise employment - designed to assist those living with limb loss and entering the workforce for the first time.
  2. Retaining employment - support for those in employment at the time of their amputation surgery.
  3. Returning to employment - support and assistance for those who have been out of the workforce for some time.
  4. Re-adjusting and retraining for employment - advice and assistance for people who need to change career fields as a result of limb loss.

Who can benefit from the project?

Ramping Up 4 Work will benefit employers, peer mentors and people living with limb loss.

  • Employers will gain greater knowledge about limb loss, the capabilities of those who live with this, and information about workplace adjustment and funding.
  • Peer Mentors, who also live with limb loss, will receive training so that they can support peers to develop resumes, prepare for job interviews and engage in career planning.
  • People living with limb loss (mentees) will gain greater job seeking and workplace confidence and be supported to achieve career goals.
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Returning to meaningful employment has many benefits.

How is the project be delivered?

Limbs 4 Life has developed a range of Ramping Up 4 Work resources including manuals, templates, planning materials and fact sheets to assist mentors and mentees. People seeking employment support will be matched to a mentor so that they can build a relationship aimed at enhancing workplace participation outcomes.

Along with resources for you as an amputee looking for work, we have developed a range of fact sheets and workbooks.

These include:

Fact sheet - Career pathways

Fact sheet - Your CV and job applications

Fact sheet - Job searching tools

Fact sheet - Employers - Employing a person with limb loss

My Action Plan Road Map

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There are a variety of assistive technology supports which can help you at work.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved, either as a mentor or as a person keen to be matched, contact Limbs 4 Life on 1300 78 2231 or email info@limbs4life.org.au