• Massons TeuFel WLD31 K1

    A waterproof mechanical four-axis joint with a lock. Allows for reliable standing security also on wet surfaces.

  • OPC Knee Proteor 1M112 K1

    Compact 4-axis linkage, lightweight with adjustable stop.

  • Ossur Locking Knee Mech K1

    A simple joint used in rehabilitation and as a solution for amputees with low activity.

  • OttoBock 3 R31 Prosedo Knee hydraulic K1

    A locking hydraulic knee particularly suitable for lower mobility users who use it to a limited extent at home or mainly for transfers and place high value on being able to sit safely.

  • OttoBock 3 R41 Knee Mechanical K1

    A lightweight locking knee for users who mainly move about the home and feel a great need for safety.