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Learning that you are facing an amputation can be a frightening prospect. Coming to terms with the thought of surgery is not always easy and can lead to many questions and concerns. Access to a trained Peer Support Volunteer can be available at your request. Why not contact us today to request a visit, or speak to another amputee who has overcome the challenges of limb loss and can understand how you are feeling? Our national team of Volunteers are here to help you.

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How Peer Support can help you.

When faced with the prospect of limb loss, it can be reassuring to discuss your concerns or fears with someone who has been there before; someone who has overcome the challenges of limb loss and adapted to day-to-day living.

In Australia, people undergo amputation every day, the most common reason being as a result of diabetes. Other causes for limb loss include: cancer, trauma accidents, infections, vascular disease and congenital differences. Limb loss does not discriminate and people of all cultures, genders, ages and differing socio-economic status can be affected.

You are not alone.

More than 8,000 lower limb amputations are performed each year in Australia; that's about one every hour!

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