Australian statistics

Australia has an appalling record when it comes to lower limb amputations resulting from type 2 diabetes. In fact we have the second highest rate of diabetic related amputations in the developed world.  The latest figures indicate that more than 8,000 lower limb amputations are performed each year in Australia. (1)

Other causes for amputation include: cancer, vascular disease, trauma accidents, infection and birth deficiencies. In addition, some people will opt for an amputation as a result of on-going failed surgeries to gain a better functional and physical outcome.   

Regardless of the cause of amputation, Limbs 4 Life believes that no individual should go through the trauma of limb loss alone. We believe that each individual (and their families) should have access to an organisation that understands their circumstances, can facilitate connections and provide up-to-date information.

Limbs 4 Life works to empower amputees with knowledge and support to make a real difference, because no-one should have to go through limb loss alone. 

Help us to make a difference today!

(1) Dillon MP, Fortington LV, Akram M, Erbas B, Kohler F (2017) Geographic Variation of the Incidence Rate of Lower Limb Amputation in Australia from 2007-12. PLoS ONE 12(1): e0170705.