Missing Bits Podcast Channel Launched Today!

Areas of interest | Oct 04th

Limbs 4 Life is excited to launch our new podcast channel Missing Bits!

Introducing a new and exciting way of sharing and learning about limb loss, amputation and the people whose lives it impacts.

We will talk to, and learn from, many different people within our community. People living with amputation/s, parents of children who were born with limb difference, prosthetic manufactures and others who share the journey with them, like: physiotherapists, doctors, nurses. We want to reach out to people in rural and remote areas of our enormous country who perhaps don’t have the contact and support that we, in larger towns or cities, have. We have indigenous people who have their own stories to tell. Our community is large, and we can learn so much from others.

For those of you experienced with podcasts 'Missing Bits' will be available on iTunes and/or wherever you choose to listen to podcasts. Just do a search for “Missing Bits.

For those of you without access to podcast apps, you will also be able to find it on the web. If you have a smartphone or tablet and wish to listen that way, then we suggest the Podcast Player app, available free in the Play Store for Android smartphone.

To access 'Missing Bits' via your web browser click here