AMPed Up! 2025 Speaker Feature - Kylie

AMPed Up! National Amputee Conference

AMPed Up! 2025 Speaker Feature - Kylie
Kylie's always found a way to get things done.

I’ve been living with upper limb loss all my life. For the first five years I had no idea that I was any different because my entire family made a point of treating me like everyone else. It just was what it was. 

During my schooling years and growing up I managed to always find a way to get things done. What you do or don’t achieve during the time that you are growing up somehow helps to determine how you tackle situations that you are confronted with throughout life. A lesson in 101 of personal resilience? I was brought up being told that there is no such thing as can’t – just find another way, there’s always someone worse off than you. So with that advice, I tackled everything head on. I played cricket and volleyball, participated in shot-put and javelin and had a pretty well-rounded experience during my schooling years. I don’t recall experiencing much bullying. Kids were curious, they just wanted to ask questions and know why my arm ‘wasn’t there’ and I always just gave them the facts. 

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Unfortunately trying to find a job, wasn’t as easy as I thought. Adults were not as accepting of my disability as classmates had been. In hindsight, I could have allowed that experience to impact my dreams, but I wasn’t going to let other people and their pre-conceived ideas discourage me. After a few decades of trying a range of different jobs in some wide and varied industries, I found my niche helping and supporting other amputees. I am an active member of the Limbs 4 Life peer support network and member of the National Amputee Advisory Council. I welcome the opportunity to highlight the fact that amputees and people with difference can do whatever we set our minds to regardless how we go about doing it. The support available to people now is very different than when I was growing up and people should take advantage of what is on offer – exploring pathways and embracing opportunities. 

I can’t wait to present at AMP-ed Up next year in my hometown of Adelaide. I’m also excited to share my new business concept with you – and exhibit my range of merchandise and designer concepts during the conference. Make sure you stop by and say hello.

See you in Adelaide in 2025!