• OttoBock 12K100N Dynamic arm myoelectric

    A powered elbow providing MyoElectrically controlled flexion and extension, with optional manual locking. Allows customised programming for the individual pairing with various wrists and hand units

  • OttoBock VariPlus electric greifer hand myolectric

    Advantageous for heavy and manual labour tasks. High grip speed and grip strength with interchangeable gripping tips to suit tasks. Includes an LED torch function.

  • OttoBock VariPlus Speed Hand myoelectric

    Well established Myoelectric hand with gripping force and speed. Objects can be gripped quickly and precisely in opposition. Six different programs can be selected and adapted for user preference.

  • OttoBock AxonHook Hand myoelectric

    Powerful and durable terminal device specifically for functional manual tasks. Also allows high grip strength and speed suited for both gross motor and intricate activities.

  • OttoBock MichaelAngelo hand myoelectric

    Multi-articulating myoelectric hand featuring complex gripping kinematics, attractive natural appearance and low weight. Actively driven thumb, index and middle finger. High level user customisation

  • OttoBock BeBionic Hand myoelectric

    Multi-articulating MyoElectric hand with five individually powered moveable fingers. Eight grip patterns with the option of with or without a glove.

  • OttoBock Myo Plus Control System Myoelectric

    An advanced prosthetic control system using 8 electrodes to detect incoming signals on the forearm. Recognised characteristic patterns permit intuitive smooth control of a prosthetic.

  • OPC Steeper Espire Pro Elbow myoelectric

    The Espire elbow range is designed to emulate the anatomical shape of the forearm and wrist, blending technology and biology to appeal to a wide range of patients.

  • OPC Openbionics Hero Arm Myoelectric

    The Hero arm is advanced, intuitive and robust. A lightweight and affordable myoelectric prosthesis. Also for children aged above 8 it has a range of covers to customise the look.

  • OPC Fillauer ProPlus MC ETD2 hand myoelectric

    The MC ETD2 is the latest generation electric terminal device, which closely matches the size of a standard hand. Multiple gripping surfaces and locations assist to stabilise objects.

  • OPC COAPT ControlSystem myoelectric

    COAPT is the maker of complete control advanced pattern recognition myoelectric control technology for upper limb prosthetics. Unprecedented levels of personal control allowing for more natural function.

  • Ossur i digits access partialhand myoelectric

    i-Digits Access is a myoelectric prosthetic device for individuals with partial hand loss or deficiency.

  • Ossur i digits quantum partialhand myoelectric

    Myoelectric partial hand prosthesis, suitable for individuals with absence of 1 to 5 digits where the level of absence is distal to the wrist and proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joint.

  • Ossur i Limb access hand myoelectric

    i-Limb Access is a myoelectric, multi-articulating prosthetic hand that offers five individually powered digits and manually rotatable thumb.

  • Ossur i Limb ultra hand myoelectric

    The i-Limb Ultra, a myoelectric, multi-articulating prosthetic hand with five individually powered digits offers electrically rotating thumb with manual override

  • Ossur i Limb Quantum hand myoelectric

    A premium multi-articulating myoelectric hand. Titanium digits with enhanced carry load, grip force and speed for enhanced natural motion , strength and functionality.

  • TASKAHandGen2 Myoelectric

    Robust, waterproof and practical for a range of environments and daily activities. Customisable grips, user-friendly grip change button panel with supporting MyTASKA App.