You cannot make a prosthesis from plastic bottle caps!

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You cannot make a prosthesis from plastic bottle caps!

Plastic bottle tops cannot be used to make prosthetic devices! And there are significant safety concerns in relation to this matter.

Prosthetics are very complex devices and are custom made for each individual using high grade medical products. Prosthetics are manufactured, fitted and supplied by qualified healthcare providers.

Any device being fitted to a human being in Australia must have Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval and bottle caps would never pass the stringent TGA approval process for a medical device.

All children and adults in Australia with limb loss are funded to receive prosthetic devices either by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, state-based prosthetic equipment funding, or workcover/transport accident insurance.

If you have been collecting bottle tops consider contacting your local kindergarten to see if they can make use of them. Alternatively, contact your local council or a Scout or Guide group in your area.