Want to have your say about 3D printed arm/hand prosthetics?

Research and evaluation

Want to have your say about 3D printed arm/hand prosthetics?

Associate Professor Lisa O’Brien from Monash University is conducting an anonymous survey in partnership with Limbs4Life. If you (or your child) has an arm or hand absence / difference, we are really keen to hear YOUR feedback about:

  • your experience of 3D printed prostheses, including why you tried them, and how you rate their function, comfort, ease of use, and your satisfaction;
  • If you haven’t tried them, the reasons for this;
  • if you have tried them but don’t use them anymore, the reasons for this; and
  • your top priorities for future designs.

You will need to complete an online (or pen and paper) survey which takes less around 10 minutes. Questions asked include age, gender, continent you live in, occupation, and reasons (if applicable) for trying or not trying 3D-printed prostheses, what you like or don’t like about them, and your suggestions for improving their design.

Our results will be shared world-wide with prosthetists, therapists, designers, and engineers working in this field. Any information you provide will remain anonymous and will only be used for the purpose of this research project. In any publication and/or presentation, information will be provided in such a way that you cannot be identified. Interested or want to know more?

Interested or want to know more? Please click here or email Lisa on lisa.obrien@monash.edu