Advocacy & Awareness

Working for your future.

Limbs 4 Life advocates for the rights of people living with limb loss at local, state and national levels. We promote and support the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme as outlined in the Productivity Commissions final recommendations. The organisation supports legislations that guarantee and promote participation in society for all people regardless of disability, age, gender or nationality.


Limbs 4 life worked tirelessly to conduct educational public forum's around Australia. The purpose of these forums is to highlight the needs of amputees, identify gaps in the system, and obtain feedback from our stakeholders regarding their personal experience living with limb loss.


The information gathered at these forums and through the organisations daily interactions with amputees and their family members has equipped us with the knowledge to raise individual and community concerns to health care providers and government departments.

Limbs 4 Life's key focus advocacy areas are:


  • Promoting positive long term health and well-being outcomes for people living with limb loss
  • The provision of prosthetic devices to meet individual needs and promote quality of life outcomes
  • Ensuring individuals have access to assistive devices to enable them to live independently


Below are a selection reports and articles that relate to amputees in our community.